About the Martial Arts Finder
MartialArtsFinder.com is an interactive online martial arts related community designed to:
Exchange news, information or comments about events and activities, on-line AND off-line.
Learn and/or teach more about the special art your’re into.
Provide a central location for schools and martial arts related information.
Give Internet users a powerful, easy and fast way to accomplish all this!
Free Services

MartialArtsFinder.com provides free services to Internet users such as:

  • News posted by us and site users.
  • An events calendar anyone can post thier favorite upcoming event on.
  • A powerful search engine to help locate a school or other helpful information.
  • A plethora of useful information relating to specific arts.
  • Public discussion forums for each martial art.
  • Membership Services

Many schools and related businesses interested in a cost effective way to introduce their presense on the Internet have found the answer right here by applying for membership to the martialartsfinder.com search directory and using their listing here for an Internet presence. Why? Because there are no computer headaches, no learning programming or HTML, no hiring expensive firms or technical knowledge needed at all. Less cost, free marketing, and no maintainence!
After supplying as much information as you can about your school, you will be given an option to become a paying member. Examples and explanations about each membership type will be displayed including the option to stay listed for free.

However each paying membership type has a definite marketing and attention getting value.
These are the membership types which are actually Internet Marketing/Advertising solutions FOR YOU. The cost has been computed in consideration to the martial arts industry and its budgets as a whole, both on and off the Internet. The advantages of each one are specifially designed to be an extraordinary value for the service.

Black Belt Memberships provide a premium MartialArtsFinder.com listing which you can preview with a quick search to get an idea. All Black Belt Members are the first to be displayed in the search results and are displayed one at a time. Your Black Belt listing will be just like having your own full page ad in the yellow pages complete with a personal picture and logo or other personalized graphics you wish to use.

Black Belt Memberships are also first up for automated search engine submissions to HUNDREDS of search places Internet wide AND THOUSANDS of link posts world wide! Not just one time but NO LESS than every 3 to 4 months!
Black Belt Membership + your own domain enjoy the same marketing tactics as described above but with the added bonus of your own domain name. If you feel you want to promote your school in mailings or other publications and require the professional touch of a dedicated domain name, no fuss, no muss, this is the quick cheap ticket with all the bells and whistles right here!

Belt Memberships are formulated to work with an existing Internet presence. If you already have a web site, possibly even your own domain already, GREAT, you have a jump up on it. Still need help driving traffic to your site, then this is your ticket! Cheap, yet all the marketing power pushing your school that we have described above.